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Products of ACT(Aqua Cell Treatment)


Autologous nucleated cell therapy (ACT) uses autologous peripheral blood to purify autologous nucleated cells, platelets, cytokines, and plasma proteins through its own proprietary method, which is injected into the epidermis and dermis using instrumentation. It can supplement various types of cells that are apoptotic due to aging, repair shriveled and ruptured stratum corneum cells, awaken skin dormant cells, activate regenerative function and increase cell viability, and increase cell viability, and reshape smooth and elastic skin in a short time.

The improve bone marrow&cord blood nuclear cells isolation reagents(Cytosep Autologous Aqua Cell Treatment)developed by AVIC BIOLOGY has been registered by the State's second-class medical device. It can purify from the blood rich nucleated cells (including stem cells), platelets, cytokines and plasma protein. Because of no risk infectious disease, no immune source, and extremely safe and reliable, it’s the best choice for modern doctors.

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