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AVIC (Ningxia) Biology Co.,Ltd (stock code:839627) which founded in 1995, AVIC Biology is a state-controlled national high-tech enterprise. It has successively won the title of pilot unit of innovative enterprises  and Little Giant in Yinchuan . It's the Ningxia Biomedical Engineering Fellow Workstations and National Joint Engineering Research Center for Clinical-level Cell Therapy undertaking national torch plans, strategic emerging industries.      

AVIC has an international leading cell separation and extraction technology. Under the leadership of biotechnology expert Wang Huailin, the company successfully developed a number of cell extraction and purification technologies, enabling the company to take the lead in mastering the key technologies of stem cell treatment in the world, and achieved success in clinical treatment, can provide large-scale products and achieve a large-scale clinical application. AVIC has become a national high-tech enterprise integrating stem cell extraction core technology innovation and R&D, stem cell extraction production and sales, and after-sale technical services. China National Aviation Co., Ltd. has newly acquired 140 acres of land in the Binhe New District of Yinchuan City to build a western (Ningxia) human tissue cell bank project. We understand the source of life, explore the mysteries of the cell, and escort your health with caring service!

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